A true Cryptocurrency and payment system for free people


We are proudly present CRYPLY [CRP]!
CRYPLY [CRP] is a cryptocurrency, which is a direct descendant of Bitcoin and is based on the ideas of decentralized P2P networks from Satoshi Nakamoto.The main objective of CRYPLY [CRP] is to return the direct purpose of using cryptocurrency as a payment system in which the guarantor of transactions (third party) is the program code.

CRYPLY [CRP] is a true cryptocurrency and payment system for daily payments, with fast transactions and zero fees. Everyone can mine CRYPLY [CRP] on own home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone using the processor (CPU).

CRYPLY [CRP] uses ASIC-protected, GPU-protected algorithm YesPoWer. CRYPLY [CRP] has a global value provided with media products, goods and services created inside and outside the Cryply community, in any country of the world and at any time. 

CRYPLY [CRP] is a fully autonomous and decentralized system. No one can prohibit, freeze, modify or revoke a committed transaction in the blockchain.

Download and install the wallet, take part in the struggle for a fair redistribution of resources, for the destruction of loan interest, for simple and honest economic relations between people and communities, without pads and intermediaries, as promised by Satoshi Nakomoto

CRYPLY [CRP] returns to the true path the usage of Bitcoin technology – as a payment system with cryptocurrency.
This is the only way for humanity to emerge from debt slavery, escape from unsecured fiat money, and come to a more just reward for own work.


CRYPLY [CRP] meets all basic principles of classical cryptocurrency


Every user is contributing to the safety of system by keeping a copy of blockchain ledger


Using CRP wallet you can create new address for every transaction and keep your business private


CRP is driven by community of developers, who make the source code available for others

No premine

Same as with Bitcoin - no one had advantage over those who joined community later on


Because CRP is a classic cryptocurrency, being successor of Bitcoin - there were no initial coin offering at the beginning


Average time of block is 30 seconds, which makes CRP applicable for quick and easy value exchange

Specification and advantages


Star Team




Mark Okhman


Ayhan Ruya

Henrih Kwinta

Andreas Muller


Got some hard skills?

We are constantly searching for new co-workers and contributors. Here are some of the expertises we are searching for:

C, C++
Rust, ELM, Erlang, Elixir
MySQL, PostgreSQL, RocksDB, LevelDB
ElectronJS, Ionic (Hybrid Mobile)
Bash, GIt,  Docker
OldSchool web stack: PHP, JavaScript, CSS 

Design stack:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Start here


Earn Cryply by supporting the network


Download wallet

Downloaded wallet will provide you with a graphical user in private key and interface to interact with the CRP blockchain

Download and start LamboMaker

One-click mining software - LamboMaker is the most user-friendly cryptocurrency miner in the world.

Classic mining

Choose mining pool and start mining today

Official pools:

Cryply Mining pool › Luckypool ›
Invest & Trade

Buy Cryply and start using it as a medium of value exchange

Invest & Trade

Download wallet

Downloaded wallet will provide you with a private key and interface to interact with the CRP blockchain

Buy/sell on Official Cryply Exchange

The core of Cryply community has established an exchange for all the CRP holders to easily and safely buy/sell CRP for some of other quick cryptocurrencies

Cryply Exchange ›

Buy/sell on exchanges

CRP is available on following exchanges:

Crex24 ›
For Business

Start accepting Cryply as a payment method in your business

For Business

Crypto-payments for existing services

Start using Cryply to enable quick and safe crypto-payments in your online store or service

New projects with crypto-payments

Create new project where Cryply will be used as primary payment method. You benefit from both the technology and support of community


Have an amazing idea on how Cryply could serve people around you as a stable value-exchange medium? Dont hesitate to contact any admin or creator in Cryply community. Together we can do it!


How can I follow the Cryply project?
You can get in touch on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Facebook or Telegram
Do you have an ANN thread on BitcoinTalk?
Yes. You can find it there

Which exchanges is Cryply currently listed on?

Cryply exchange, Crex24 and more coming soon!
How is Cryply different from another yescrypt’s coins? Aren’t they the same?

No they aren’t the same. another coins doesn’t have a dedicated team supporting future development, has no governance fund for marketing or additional exchange listings.

Btw we 1-st coin with YesPoWer algo.

Can I donate to the project?

Absolutely. Any donations received will be used for marketing and future exchange listings.

Send Cryply donations to:

CRP for bounty:CSiwXT3tiUmxHc9uEAYbEtdZty6Mz2WMMu
CRP for listing: CVzR23Kb1ySZXKpAfzGBfJUcu4ELHpoKtV
CRP for advertising: CRFXXZFx8cDLRzsX3Vifa2baKfZPZHfB8e
Tips for developers: CU4afmYc9et53vDVMM4gsGf8ZocVbJyRfM

BTC: Coming soon
ETH: Coming soon

How do I mine Cryply?
Install CPU miner and you are good to go. Here is a link: Cpu miner
1. Cryply Pool [official]
2. Luckypool [official]
Do you have any additional services for Cryply?
We have,
and we working to add more services with Cryply support

True Crypto = True Community

CRYPLY [CRP] is a true cryptocurrency and payment system for daily payments, with fast transactions and zero fees. Everyone can mine CRYPLY [CRP] on own home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone using the processor (CPU).

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